Velo Sandbox

Try Velo safely, in our secure, ring-fenced environment.

Safely try Velo without affecting your current systems or payees

Ready to try Velo?

It’s quite simple. Just complete the form to sign up for a Velo Sandbox portal account and API access.

We’ll use the information you provide to review your request and notify you of updates. Once your request is approved, we’ll get back to you over email.

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Let us help put you in control

Velo provides onboarding and payment processes for you independent contractors and freelance workers. Having payment errors and workers wondering where their payments are? Velo helps you update your workflow to add traceability to payments. Manual repetitive procedures? Velo automates the repetitive tasks to save time and money.

Money transfers & account balances are simulated

This means you can try Velo out without needing to commit any money or risk accidentally sending funds somewhere you didn’t mean to.

Personal details checking is disabled (e.g. KYC, OFAC & fraud)

Avoid GDPR and personal data restrictions by using test data.

Configure the platform to behave as you want, for your needs

Once your Payor account is set up you can onboard and pay trial payees to see how easy it is to use Velo.


It's a simple matter of changing the base URL in your requests from sandbox to live and swapping over to your live credentials (we never share security information between the platforms).

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Ready to use Velo?

Use the resources above to integrate with us and start using Velo today.

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