Front-End Layer

Choose to build proprietary User Interfaces (UI) on top of the Velo APIs, or use the white label Velo UIs. Users, customers, products and systems, such as ERP, general ledgers, all access the same data, eliminating lag and inconsistent experiences.

API Layer

Velo's APIs provide the single source of truth to everything happening in the Velo platform. Velo’s APIs are how products and systems exercise the Velo Platform.

Microservices Layer

Velo's core microservices architecture untangles and manages capabilities between one another. Leverage pluggable architecture to delegate operations among Velo microservices and best-of-breed 3rd party compliance, tokenization or other internal and external capabilities. Velo allows the client to keep their core competencies and augment them.

Cloud Layer

The Velo platform is designed to run as a multi-cloud solution which allows for ultimate freedom of choice in cloud providers. Velo was designed to run simultaneously in one or more environments: AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google), Azure (Microsoft), a proprietary data-center (on premise) or any combination thereof. Velo provides improved availability, reduced vendor lock-in and increased flexibility for clients.