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The Tipping Point for Payment Innovation

The weight of "tech debt" is stifling the payments industry, writes Drew Weinstein, President of Velo Payments. There are now hundreds of global fintech companies having raised tens of billions in venture capital. The theory is that a modern, technology-led solution...

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PRESS – iNews “The Essential Daily Briefing”

Blockchain and its applications have revolutionized the world of business, rising to prominence in the cryptocurrency and FinTech sectors. Now, blockchain technology is providing increasingly sophisticated means of protecting information transfer, opening up the...

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Product Information

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

The Velo platform can run on any cloud, or in an internal data center. Velo designed its solution to run simultaneously in one or more environments: AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google), Azure (Microsoft), a proprietary data-center (on-premise), or any combination thereof. Velo...

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Security First Platform

Security is not just the complexity of your password, security covers the entire platform and its users, inside and out. It is not something that can be fitted in after the fact but needs to be designed in from the start. Today the news is full of data breaches,...

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