Blockchain and its applications have revolutionized the world of business, rising to prominence in the cryptocurrency and FinTech sectors. Now, blockchain technology is providing increasingly sophisticated means of protecting information transfer, opening up the possibilities for quicker, better and more efficient ways to share data.

This has led to the formation of innovative new companies looking to harness expertise in blockchain and create cutting edge systems and processes we can all benefit from.

Velo Payments

Velo Payments, founded in Sausalito, California, offers corporates and financial organisations a system that makes payments better, faster and cheaper.
Using innovative technology, Velo Payments offers a third-party payment platform that provides for the secure transfer of funds and data, giving users the power to control where, when and how they want to be paid.

The Shyft Network

Shyft is one of the leading companies in the anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer infrastructure.

One of Shyft’s main focuses is personal identity data on a global scale, particularly in relation to migrants and those who cannot participate in political, economical or cultural society because they are unable to prove their identity. Shyft sees the need for a global system to give individuals the means to prove their identity without compromising personal data.

The Shyft Network system allows users to obtain, store, inquire into, and work with compliance-satisfying data, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness while deepening consumer data security.


DOSH is a travel cashback app that aims to make money for its subscribers by searching out offers that give cash back to consumers. Embracing the shopping rewards schemes that are fundamental to the way many businesses attract customers these days, DOSH aims to put the typical profit that hotels and online travel sites make back into the pockets of the consumer.

In turn, it also provides merchants with more effective marketing, data and customer insights to reduce waste on advertising spend.


Smart bank Monzo is aimed at the smartphone generation, who prefer to use a banking app rather than traditional branch and paper-based services but enjoy the benefits of carrying a card. The Monzo card is a pre-paid MasterCard debit card, topped up via the app, removing the need for sort codes and account numbers, and so remaining secure. The app also provides instant balance updates, notifications, the facility to add notes or receipts to transactions and a suspension facility if the card is lost or stolen.


FinTech start-up Trustology provides a smart crypto custody platform to safeguard assets. Aimed at individuals, corporates, exchanges and institutions, Trustology has created a system of information nodes that enables trustworthy applications for the likes of asset custody, corporate treasury and fund administration solutions.


Born out of frustration with the way credit history is formed, rewarding debt and punishing those who don’t have any, Loqbox was formed by UK entrepreneur Tom Eyre to help people build up a credit score without going into debt. Turning savings on its head, customers buy a Loqbox to the value of the their choice, from £20 to £500 on interest-free terms and pay the amount back over 12 months. The payments get added to the customer’s credit history, improving their score and their chances of getting better credit terms.


This real estate platform provides fully vetted commercial real estate opportunities. The technology behind Cadre provides investors with greater transparency, direct access to information and lower fees while at the same time enabling the Cadre team access to more efficient underwriting and comprehensive sourcing.


Kabbage is small business lending platform. Customers apply using the Kabbage app, providing business information via a secure link. Having reviewed their business performance, Kabbage will agree an amount available to the customer. Once agreed, the customer can take as much of the available funds as they need, returning for more as and when they need it, up to once a day.


A leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase provides a platform for buying and selling digital currencies. Using blockchain technology, Coinbase authenticates investments and plays an important role on behalf of organisations unsure about the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

Waymark Tech

This UK company provides AI that recommends specific articles from new regulations and specifications, increasing the efficiency with which its customers can respond to new information and keep their own clients informed.

The Waymark software allows identification of clients impacted by new or amended regulations, so that those using it can become more proactive.

For those looking to increase their use of the technology underpinning data sharing, the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme is designed to give business leaders and decision makers an understanding of blockchain technology applications, and the blockchain industry. It focuses on how blockchain will reshape markets, business models and business strategies.

The online programme includes interaction and collaboration with global blockchain authorities, and industry leaders and pioneers, in a programme that can be applied to any business strategy in preparation for the blockchain revolution.