Improving How the World

Pays and Gets Paid.

Improving How the World Pays and Gets Paid.

Data-Driven Payments


Leading technology companies are driving both innovation and GDP expansion. But that growth is stunted by their payments.

The gig economy requires high volume, low value, irregular payments.
The problem? Payment infrastructure was built in the 1960s for low volume high value, regular payments.

Compounding the issue, these sophisticated, data-driven companies struggle with data quality and transparency from their payment providers.

The world deserves new payment infrastructure for global commerce. Velo is the first payments platform purpose-built for the gig economy and its payment providers.

Velo. An enterprise, bank-grade platform to modernize payments.

the tools to thrive

Cloud-Based Solution

Modernize infrastructure with Velo’s end-to-end microservices-based platform, or leverage Velo’s secure hosted offering.

Insightful, Flexible Front-Ends

Select from real-time UIs for gig payors and payees, admin portals for banks and PSPs, or a robust suite of easy-to-use APIs to build your own front-end portals.

A Foundation of Trust

Rely on Velo’s bank-grade security and scalability, engineered as first principles of the platform.


Data Sovereignty

Configure Velo’s source of truth to local regulatory needs, enabling real-time sync of data in single, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments

New Use Cases

Launch new products and services, and better serve clients, with access to transparent, real-time data.  

New Business Models

Embrace Velo’s SaaS model to pass cost saving to clients, or power new value propositions with data-driven client relationships.


Two-Way Data Dialogue

Bring payors, payees, and payment providers together with real-time data  
that empowers payees, alleviates administrative burden and improves compliance. Velo’s real-time tracking and reporting removes those phone calls asking the status of payments. 

New Ways to Reach People

Unify your bank and non-bank payments in a single workflow with Velo’s payment agnostic gateway. Virtual account architecture means payments can be split into multiple currencies, accounts and payment types. 

Broader Fintech Ecosystem 

Choose your preferred providers, your favorite components of your existing solution, and your favorite parts of Velo, and connect them all through Velo’s pluggable microservices architecture.

Superior Platform

Working without the constraints of legacy workflows allows us to solve long-standing problems in payments.

Leveraging our vast experience in developing tools across all aspects of the payments industry, we utilized the best of today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s payment challenges.

“The Velo Platform exactly fits our needs for payments. Velo’s design was purpose built for my team, reducing payment errors and exceptions. The intuitive platform makes payments a very simple process, freeing up our accounting team to work on other parts of the business.”

— Tim Attinger, Co-Founder and President of Boomtown

“Velo makes payouts easy for us, a simple file upload and payments are made. The Velo Platform allows us to focus on the core business, knowing that our workforce is being paid.”

— Adam Fischer, Senior Program Manager Pro Quality at Porch

“We have been a happy Velo customer for almost 2 years. Their ease of use, attentiveness to our needs, and real time availability have made Velo our choice.”

— Charisse Castagnoli, Vice President at Trucker Path

Velo Payments code review scored between “excellent” and “outstanding” with a blended score of 4.5.

Independent Code Review
April 2018

Overall, Do Diligence Partners rates Velo Software nearly Outstanding. The overall takeaway from this analysis should be that this software has been very well designed and implemented, and we believe it is therefore on its way to becoming an outstanding software offering.

Code Review, Do Diligence Partners

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