Get Paid with Velo

Control how, when and where to get paid.

Velo Payee Portal

Payments made easy

Secure and easy

Set your portal up once and easily manage your preferences.

Payment alerts

Automatically get alerts so that you know when you will get paid.

Track your payment

Track your payments through the system so you know your payment status. No more anxious waiting, no more customer support calls.


Get paid how, when and where you want to be paid

Global payments

Over 190 countries and over 130 currencies. Velo can payout to any bank, e-wallet, cash or card product available today.

Split payments

Split payments to multiple accounts in any partial amount you would like.

One account

Set up your account once and get paid by multiple businesses into the same account.


Smarter data gives you peace of mind

Process alerts

Real-time alerts can be set up for each step of payment progress.


See the detailed invoice related to your payment to help with reconciliation.


Control your FX exposure for your upcoming payments.

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If you are a contractor or vendor, Velo is for you. If you need more information, you can contact us either by email or send a note to your Payor or HR director.

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