All the resources you need
to start making payments

Velo provides both APIs and ready-to-go web portals

Easily integrate the entire Velo Payments Platform with our API. Invite and manage Payees, create and monitor payments, and query on demand for any status through one consistent suite of services. Leverage the best of Velo – for all parties.
See our API documentation.

To get up and running quickly, the Velo Payor Portal provides a browser-based experience to invite Payees, fund, instruct, track payments and more.

Whether you use the Velo Payor Portal, APIs or ERP integration, your Payees get full functionality to manage and track their payments using the Velo Payee Portal.

Velo Sandbox

To help clients get started with Velo we provide the Velo Sandbox.
It looks and feels just like production but with a few differences:

Money transfers & account balances are simulated. This means you can try Velo out without needing to commit any money or risk accidentally sending funds somewhere you didn’t mean to.

Personal details checking is disabled (e.g. KYC, OFAC & fraud). Avoid GDPR and personal data restrictions by using test data.

Once your Payor account is set up you can create and manage your users, configure the platform to behave as you want it, then onboard and pay some trial Payees to see how easy it is to use Velo.

The Sandbox also acts as a test bed for clients writing their own integration with our API, allowing them to work out the kinks before moving in to production.

When you are ready to move to production it’s a simple matter of changing the base URL in your requests from sandbox to live and swapping over to your live credentials (we never share security information between the platforms).

Contact Us to request access to the Sandbox.

API Documentation

You can find full Rest API documentation here:

Sample Code

Sometimes it’s helpful to see the API being used. You can find sample code using the Velo APIs to cut & paste into your own code at Velo’s GitHub site.

Language Bindings

The sample code above deliberately uses no frameworks or abstractions to make it as easy as possible to see what’s going on and re-use in your own projects.

We also provide language bindings which abstract away from the underlying REST calls and provide a simpler interface to interact with Velo.

Connects easily to any ERP

Every ERP installation is different, but we strive to work with clients to produce re-usable Connectors to speed up integration.

Please Contact Us if you’d like to discuss integration with a specific ERP.

Interested in hearing more?

Whether you need access to the Sandbox, help with sample code or bindings for a different language, we’re here to help with all your integration needs.