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Reimagining what your data can do for you

…and what you can do with your data; real-time, any-to-any information exchange

Enhancing payments with real-time end-to-end tracking

Manage FX, track payments and simplify reconciliation

Democratizing value exchange

Solutions for complex transaction management, choreography and orchestration

Catalyzing growth

Modern technical services with interoperability for legacy services

Providing transparency, security and control
to payments

Increase savings
Evolve the payment
Unlock new growth

The problem isn’t payments, it’s data.

A Transparent, Reliable and Secure Payments Platform

The world needs a more effective and transparent payments ecosystem that puts payors and payees in full control of their money and data.

Velo is a state-of-the-art transaction and data management platform that is easily integrated into legacy infrastructure to enable the optimization of business payments.

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Evolved Technology


VeloNet is a set of capabilities, features and user-centric network interfaces used across industries for funding, settlement, clearing and compliance.


VeloCloud is the set of transaction management and business payments services hosted by Velo.


Velo leverages unique blockchain technology to provide secure, compliant and scalable information management and complex transaction orchestration.

Smarter Transactions


End-to-end traceability of transactions with real-time reporting and full cost visibility, with low-cost routing to reduce FX exposure wherever possible.


Reduce exceptions and errors with beneficiary directed payments and intuitive Payor and Payee user experience.

Data Integrity

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of data throughout its lifecycle with capabilities to reconcile disparate data formats and interfaces into a single logical environment.

Flexible Design & Delivery

API Suite

Easy to consume, extensible API you can connect to any ERP environment.


Intuitive Velo UI lets you get started quickly with simple configuration and activation of services.

Flexible Payments

Disburse payments to any payment method including bank transfer, eWallet, credit or debit card, money order, check, and domestic payment schemes in 190 countries and 130 currencies.

Superior Platform

Working without the constraints of legacy workflows allows us to solve long-standing problems in payments.

Leveraging our vast experience in developing tools across all aspects of the payments industry, we utilized the best of today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s payment challenges.


Velo Payments code review scored between “excellent” and “outstanding” with a blended score of 4.5.

Independent Code Review
April 2018

Overall, Do Diligence Partners rates Velo Software nearly Outstanding. The overall takeaway from this analysis should be that this software has been very well designed and implemented, and we believe it is therefore on its way to becoming an outstanding software offering.

Code Review, Do Diligence Partners

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