Send payments stress-free


Velo has a platform that works for you

Your business requires a payment solution that can adapt to your changing market needs. If you need to pay international suppliers, domestic contractors, or anything in between then Velo has the solution to meet and adapt to your business.


Move your money smarter

Whether you are searching for advanced solution features, a cost-effective option, or an easy-to- manage platform, Velo can help you decide which solution is the best fit for your business. Build a relationship with Velo for a modern payment system.


Let us help you gain control

Velo provides onboarding and payment processes for your recipients, from vendors to independent contractors. You control the onboarding experience; the speed of payment delivery and Velo does all the heavy lifting. Velo addresses payment tracking and error correction while automating your workflow to add traceability to payments. The Velo solutions keeps you in control through flexible integration and processing rules.






Directed payments

Allow payees to dynamically control where and how to receive their payments - to any account or currency - eliminating errors and increasing options.


Track activity

With tracking and reconciliation between payors and payees, achieve real-time information and communication visibility.


Easy to use

Ready to use interface or APIs. Get started quickly with no disruption to your business. Integrations for third-party platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks.

A new standard for making payments

Achieve peace of mind with Velo's fully containerized microservices architecture. With end-to-end SOC 2 level security, pay to a single person or pay to thousands.


Hear it from our customers

Adam Fischer, Senior Program Manager Pro Quality at Porch Designation
“Velo makes payouts easy for us, a simple file upload and payments are made. The Velo Platform allows us to focus on the core business, knowing that our workforce is being paid.”
Tim Attinger, Co-Founder and President of Boomtown Designation
“The Velo Platform exactly fits our needs for payments. Velo’s design was purpose built for my team, reducing payment errors and exceptions. The intuitive platform makes payments a very simple process, freeing up our accounting team to work on other parts of the business.”